John Boyega’s Working on His Own Superhero Movie: “We’re Leaving the Spandex Behind”

     November 2, 2017


Nearly a decade since Iron Man kicked off the MCU and (for better or worse) caused a seismic shift in the movie industry, superhero movies have become more imaginative and pervasive than ever. DC continues to shape their movie universe, and superheroes have invaded the television landscape, taking on the mystery and horror genres with shows like Jessica Jones and Legion. It’s gotten so pervasive it’s difficult to name an actor who hasn’t popped up in a superhero movie or series, but there is a franchise leader who’s yet to make an appearance: John Boyega. The reason? He’s got his own plans for an entirely new kind of superhero.


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Earlier this year, I got to visit the set of Pacific Rim Uprising in Sydney, Australia, where I joined a group of journalists in touring the sets and chatting with the cast, and while I got plenty of insight into the upcoming sequel – which you can check out here, we also got some time to chat with Boyega about his upcoming projects, where he dropped some intriguing info about his plans for his production company UpperRoom Productions.

Script writing is my thing. I like creating my own worlds and characters, and layering them on top. Especially with the superhero genre. Personally, we feel there’s another way to do it. So we’re working on stuff like that.

So we might see Boyega as a superhero before too long?

Well, yeah. But it won’t be the ones that you’re used to, I’ll tell you that! [Laughs] It won’t be the ones that you’re used to. Yeah. We’re leaving the spandex behind, and doing a new version.

Of course, additional details are slim on the project, but it’s still exciting to think what Boyega might have in store for us outside the Marvel/DC monolith. What say you superhero fans? Are you excited that Boyega is branching off or just disappointed we’re not going to see him join the Marvel/DC family anytime soon? Sound off in the comments.

Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters March 23, 2018. For more from our set visit, check out the links below.

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