Director Andrew Stanton Talks JOHN CARTER OF MARS

     January 31, 2011


Just because Disney’s forthcoming live-action John Carter of Mars adaptation had its release date bumped up from June 8 to March 9, 2012, doesn’t mean the film is close to being finished.  According to the film’s director, the two-time Oscar-winning Andrew Stanton (WALL-E), John Carter will remain in “digital principal photography” for the duration of 2011.  In a recent interview, Stanton explained:

“I’m not in post-production — I’m in digital principal photography now, which goes on for the rest of 2011, so I’m only halfway through the movie.”

To see Stanton discuss topics such as the film’s special effects and its status as his debut live-action directorial effort, hit the jump.  John Carter of Mars stars Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Willem Dafoe, Lynn Collins, Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy, Bryan Cranston, and Dominic West.

john-carter-of-mars-image-1When discussing the special effects treatment John Carter of Mars would receive, Stanton stressed originality before painting a vague portrait:

“I didn’t try to make it look like anything else. I really tried to make it its own thing. I tried to make a very historically accurate Martian film if that makes sense, so I’ll let you decipher that.”

In addition to his stellar track record in working with animated films, another reason I’m most excited about John Carter of Mars is to see how Stanton’s considerable talents transfer over into a live-action feature.  With that in mind, the director talked about the experience of filming John Carter in contrast to his previous work:

“When you’ve made animated movies your whole life, it was pretty exciting to be outside for a day, let alone for months…It was the hardest thing I’ll ever have done, but man, it was a great adventure.”

Here’s the full video of Stanton’s MTV interview:

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