John Curran Will STONE Milla Jovovich

     May 18, 2009

milla_jovovich_image__2_.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Milla Jovovich has signed on to co-star with Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro in John Curran’s upcoming film “Stone” which THR bills as a “psychological thriller”.  For once I’d like to an anthropological thriller or a philosophical thriller.  Maybe even a sociological thriller (although I guess you could argue that zombie movies fall into that category).  Must we contain ourselves to fucking over only one person’s mind?

Jovovich will play the wife of a convicted arsonist (Norton). Desperately looking to be paroled, Norton has Jovovich engage in a dangerous affair with his parole officer (De Niro), entrapping him in a series of deadly psychological games.  That actually sounds very interesting and could be a rich and rewarding role for Jovovich.  It would be nice to see her in a movie that doesn’t contain the words “Resident” or “Evil” in the title.

Filming is set to begin this month in Michigan which will already fuck with your mind.  But back to the movie, I wonder if this is like some great reverse of Ulu Grosbard’s “Straight Time”.  That would be neat.

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