John Goodman on Why ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Is Unlike Anything He’s Ever Read Before

     March 9, 2016


One of the most appealing aspects of 10 Cloverfield Lane is the decision to feature John Goodman as a frightening captor with ambiguous motives. Having the much-loved actor portray a menacing yet complex character adds to the mystery of the story – which relies heavily on suspense and anticipation. Directed by promising newcomer Dan Trachtenberg, 10 Cloverfield Lane follows a woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who awakens in an underground bunker and finds herself at the mercy of a short tempered survivalist – played by Goodman. She is told that the world outside is no longer safe and she must remain confined to his lair for her own safety.

While it doesn’t quite classify as a sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield, the genre-bending release is set in the universe established by the sleeper hit. Most filmgoers were unaware that the film was ever shot let alone set to debut this year. The surprise trailer for the flick was released in January and buzz immediately started to build surrounding its largely protected details. Goodman is one of the key components of what makes the film so riveting. He’s at times sympathetic – gleefully busting a move to an oldie and in other instances unnerving to behold – never has an onscreen game of charades been nail-biting.

During my video interview with the iconic star, he discussed being a part of a project that’s difficult to categorize and audiences being overly informed about a film before they see. Goodman also spoke about playing a character that’s inherently dark.

John Goodman: 

  • Shooting a film that relies largely on one location.
  • Why audiences shouldn’t know too much going into a film.
  • Being a part of an unconventional project that people aren’t certain what to make of.
  • ​How his character is fear based and “not all there.”

Image via Paramount Pictures


Image via Paramount Pictures


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