John Hawkes Will Be One of the Last Regular-Season Actors to Get LOST

     August 20, 2009


Want to feel wistful and a little sad?  Remember that there’s only one season left of “Lost”.  That should do the trick.  But there’s no time for sadness when we’re busy compiling our final theories on the show’s conclusion while others wonder how disappointed they’ll be by the finale*.  But as we race to the show’s end, pieces are still falling into place.  The latest piece of the puzzle is a new regular character played by the talented Mr. John Hawkes.

Hit the jump to learn a little about his character (you really thought you’d get a full run-down on him?  Have you never read a news item about “Lost”?).

lost_season_5_-_poster.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Hawkes will play “Lennon”, a scruffy, edgy and charismatic spokesperson and translator for the president of a foreign corporation who is far more powerful than it seems from his position.  Due to poor pronoun usage, it is unclear whether or not it’s Lennon or the President who is more powerful than he seems.  Actually, by using “it”, the implication is that the foreign corporation is more powerful except then they say “his position”.  I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Lennon, but I really just wanted to poke fun at the grammar of people who are more successful than me.

As for Hawkes, I couldn’t be more excited for his casting.  One of the many, many, many great things about “Lost” is that it’s embraced a wide variety of character actors from M.C. Gainey, L. Scott Caldwell, William Mapother, Kevin Durand, Andrew Divoff, and Daniel Roebuck just to name a few.  Oh, and there’s also Terry O’Quinn but I forget which role he plays.

For those whom Hawkes remains a “Hey, it’s that guy”-actor (for future reference), you may know him from “American Gangster”, Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice”, “Me You and Everyone We Know”, and his role as Sol Star on “Deadwood”.  He can currently be seen as the patience-of-a-saint brother of Kenny Powers in HBO’s “Eastbound & Down”.

“Lost” returns for its sixth and final season in January/February of 2010.

*A unit of measurement for disappointment is known as a “Lucas”.