Exclusive: Daveed Diggs Reveals How John Krasinski Pulled Off That ‘Hamilton’ Reunion

     April 13, 2020

John Krasinski has been spreading Some Good News on his new weekly web series Some Good News, and in between feel-good stories, the Office and Jack Ryan performer has been peppering in some pretty monumental surprises. One of the biggest was in the show’s second episode, when Krasinski surprised a young Hamilton fan by reuniting the entire original Broadway cast on Zoom to perform “Alexander Hamilton” for an audience of one. It was incredible and chill-inducing and really, really special.

So when Colldier’s own Christina Radish spoke to Hamilton performer Daveed Diggs for his role in the upcoming TNT series Snowpiercer (which debuts on May 17th), she had to ask about how the Hamilton reunion came together. And while Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt are friends with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Diggs says it was actually Krasinski who made this happen:

“To my mind, John Krasinski was [the mastermind]. I don’t know if the story of the girl, Aubrey, who was missing out on seeing the show was sent to him somehow, or if it was just him scouring the internet, but it’s such a great public service that he’s doing, right now. Before I knew we were gonna be on it, I had watched the first episode. It was actually when I was having some pretty serious anxiety, that day and that week, as I think we are all struggling with, to the point where I was feeling a lot of physical manifestations of it. My chest was really heavy, and I was sure that I had coronavirus. Maybe I did. Who knows? We can’t get tested. So, I was really struggling and I stumbled across SGN. I watched that first episode and cried super happy tears, the whole 15 minutes, and immediately felt better. It lifted a huge amount of weight off of me.”


Image via TNT

When Diggs got the invite, he got the opportunity to tell Krasinski how much Some Good News means to him:

“When he invited us on to do the thing, I got to tell him that it was actually one of the more immediately and profoundly helpful experiences that I’ve had, since I’ve been quarantined. So, that was great, just to be a part of it, after that, in any way. If John was ever gonna ask me to do something, I was gonna say yes, and then this request came. All of us said yes, immediately. It was a no-brainer.”

But performing “Alexander Hamilton” wasn’t as effortless as one might assume. Diggs says he had to look up sheet music because it had been so long since he’d performed the number:

“I had to look up the sheet music. I couldn’t tell you what notes I sang to save my life. It had been at least three years since I sang that song at all. I don’t hum it to myself. I don’t know what I did, for all those years. I had to actually do some homework. And then I think I still sang it all wrong. Of course, it doesn’t matter ‘cause that wasn’t the point, but it was definitely a little bit nerve-wracking. I had harmonies to sing on that song, and I had no idea what they were, but I punched my way through the sheet music. I had to figure it out.”


Image via YouTube

But Diggs says the mini-Hamilton reunion wasn’t just great for the fans, it was great for the cast members themselves:

“So that was nerve-wracking, but seeing everybody again was great, and watching everybody. The live part we did with just the principals, but just having everybody on that Zoom, we hadn’t gotten together or anything. We hadn’t done a Hamilton Zoom hang out. Everyone has very full lives, so we don’t get together at all. It was just fun to watch everybody fall right back into their old roles. Just the way we interacted felt like we hadn’t left.”

Look for our full interview with Diggs on Collider closer to the May premiere date of Snowpiercer.

Reporting by Christina Radish.

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