John Krasinski In Talks To Star Alongside Ginnifer Goodwin in SOMETHING BORROWED

     March 9, 2010

John_Krasinski Ginnifer Goodwin SOMETHING BORROWED.jpg

The Office‘s John Krasinski may be out of the running for Captain America, but he is in negotiations to star alongside Ginnifer Goodwin in the romantic comedy Something Borrowed, a fate with its own pleasantries.  According to THR, Goodwin is a New York lawyer with an unwavering moral compass who falls for the fiance of her best friend on her 30th birthday.  The film is an adaptation of the first in a series of novels by Emily Griffin, which means a sequel (Something Blue) awaits in case Borrowed is successful.  Krasinski’s role as Goodwin’s confidant is of the supporting persuasion in Borrowed, but according to the source material he would be promoted to male lead in the theoretical Blue.

The logline doesn’t sound all that fresh, and director Luke Greenfield has a spotty track record which includes the loathsome Rob Schneider vehicle The Animal.  But Goodwin and Krasinski are all kinds of affable, which could do wonders to elevate the material.

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