John Krasinski Very Close to Being Cast as THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA

     March 9, 2010


The Office‘s John Krasinski is a drop of Super Serum away from playing the title role in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America.  We recently reported that Krasinski was on the short-list to play the role, but now  Fox411 reports that the actor has read four times for the role and screen tested twice.  The final step is casting a female co-star and finding chemistry between the two.  But if that’s the only hurdle, it means that Krasinski has the part because the female lead is nowhere near as important as Captain America and you cast the actress based on her chemistry with Krasinski, not vice-versa.

Hit the jump for my thoughts about Krasinski landing the role and the difficulties in selling him as Captain America to fans (plus an amusing comic illustrating this point).

UPDATE: Krasinski Out? Chris Evans, Mike Vogel, and Garrett Hedlund Up For CAPTAIN AMERICA

With Krasinski all but a sure thing, the question becomes how fans will react to the choice.  With his muppet-like grin, mess of brown hair, and reputation for comedy instead of action, it’s tough to see him as the strength and nobility of America personified.  Krasinski also strikes a pose as a man of the 21st century, not the mid-20th century when the film will be set.

Of course, physical features can and will be altered.  I imagine a crew cut and some serious body-sculpting is in store for the Scranton paper salesman.  But before the doubters start screaming at the top of their lungs, it’s wise to take a breath and remember that this movie is over two years away.  Johnston isn’t an imaginative director, but it’s not like Krasinski is throwing on the red, white, and blue tomorrow with the cameras set to roll at any second.

So before everyone goes nuts, let’s give the guy a chance and be thankful that they at least cast someone with charisma and not someone out of the Gossip Girl bland pile.

Update: A friend of mine just sent me this amusing comic from Hijinks Ensue illustrating the current perception of what Krasinski would be like as Captain America:



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