Exclusive: Director John Lasseter Talks CARS 2, Easter Eggs, His Favorite Pixar Collectible, More

     June 22, 2011

John Lasseter Interview CARS 2 slice

With Cars 2 hitting theaters this weekend, Disney held a press junket in Hollywood a few days ago and I spoke with the cast and director John Lasseter.  Since Adam recently interviewed Lasseter at Pixar, I made sure to ask all new questions.

During the five minute interview (which could have been thirty minutes with how many questions I’d prepared), Lasseter talked about the Easter Eggs in Cars 2, what is his favorite Pixar collectible, reveals that he voiced a character, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here for all our previous Cars 2 coverage, which includes plenty of interviews, movie clips, trailers, posters, and images.

John Lasseter

  • What’s his favorite Pixar collectible that he owns. Tells two great stories
  • Easter Eggs in Cars 2. I embarrass myself. Worst part is I knew the answer and just didn’t remember it.
  • Lasseter asks what was is the one object that always appears in every Pixar movie. I totally froze.  He says the character appears twice in the movie
  • I ask if they have more than characters from Brave appearing in the movie. Says they have references to people who work at Pixar in the ads and signs
  • Talks about how he did a voice in Cars 2


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