John Malkovich Replaces John C. Reilly in RED Starring Bruce Willis

     January 10, 2010


Heat Vision reports that John Malkovich is replacing John C. Reilly in Robert Schwentke’s upcoming adaptation of Warren Ellis’ graphic novel, Red.  The story follows a retired black-ops agent (played by Bruce Willis) who has to go on the run when younger assassins attempt to assassinate him.  Malkovich will get to show off his comedic skills as the role has him playing a paranoid and erratic contemporary of Willis’ character.  Malkovich’s character suspects everyone is out to kill him and so joins Willis on his quest to find out who wants them dead.  I hope Willis comes to the conclusion its some shady figure from his past, while Malkovich comes to the conclusion it’s the checkout clerk at the Safeway.

Malkovich will have the pleasure of not only acting along side Willis, but almost every other actor in Hollywood.  Allow me to once again rattle off Red‘s ridiculous cast: Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker, Julian McMahon, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss, and Brian Cox.  Filming begins this week in Toronto where they have flown in every trailer that exists.  Red is scheduled to hit theaters on October 22nd.

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