Director John Moore Says Not to Expect Corny Jokes in DIE HARD 5; Reveals A Car Chase Scene Took Them 78 Days to Shoot

     July 26, 2012


John McClane will once again be having a very bad day when the fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, hits theaters next March.  The action moves to Moscow this time around, with Bruce Willis teaming up with his estranged son (played by Jai Courtney) to take on the baddies.  20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman previously talked a bit about the film’s story, revealing that the McClanes become “basically the most wanted men in the entire Soviet Union.”

Director John Moore has now talked a bit more about what to expect from his take on the series, adding that this iteration won’t have many corny jokes and revealing that they spent 78 days shooting an ambitious car chase sequence.  Hit the jump for more.

john-moore-die-hard-5The folks over at Empire asked Moore if we could expect a light-hearted tone from A Good Day to Die Hard, with McClane spouting lines like, “How can the same shit happen to the same guy five times?”   Moore was quick to shoot this down:

“No, because that’s preposterous! I don’t know whether it’s post-financial crash or whatever, but I don’t think people are in the mood for that bollocks anymore. People are well savvy to the cynical reheating of any product, any franchise. Any shit won’t do. The bar’s a bit higher… There are a couple of great gags and a couple of great McClanisms. It’s not like he’s this idiot, bumbling around Moscow making ‘America won the Cold War’ jokes. It’s not Carry On Die Hard, I can assure you…”

Moore went on to reveal that Die Hard 5 has an international scope that’s highly ambitious, adding “There’s a car chase through Moscow that’s taking us 78 days to shoot.”  So even though this is the fifth go-around with the character, it appears we’re in for the same hardened action we’ve come to expect from the Die Hard franchise.  Hopefully we’ll see a trailer fairly soon, given that the film is set to open on February 14th, 2013.


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