John Oliver on Discovering ‘Tiger King’s Joe Exotic: “Don’t Throw Me into That Shit”

     April 14, 2020

When Tiger King started becoming the buzzworthy thing everyone was talking about, some of you already knew who Joe Exotic was without having witnessed the Netflix docuseries for yourself. That was, of course, because Joe Exotic’s misguided run for President of the United States was covered in hilarious fashion on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which itself is featured in Netflix’s Tiger King as Exotic only becomes more enamored of himself.

So when Seth Meyers had John Oliver as a guest on Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, he asked the HBO host how he felt about “discovering” Joe Exotic in the first place, to which Oliver humorously replied, “Don’t throw me into that shit.”

In the interview segment, Oliver recalls some of the research Last Week Tonight did into Joe Exotic with a hilarious kicker that I won’t spoil here, but suffice it to say it’s a pretty funny conversation. But the video first kicks off with Meyers and Oliver talking about how each are approaching telling (or not telling) their young children about the global pandemic. And it’s delightful.

Take a look below, and for more on Tiger King check out our fan-casting piece for the eventual movie and Dave’s impassioned editorial on why the show is “trash TV at its worst.”