John Rosengrant from Legacy Effects gives us a tour of the TERMINATOR Junket and explains how the props were made

     May 21, 2009

John Rosengrant image.jpgWhile you might not know who John Rosengrant is, I promise that you have seen his work. That’s because he worked for Stan Winston Studios since the early 80’s and did both make-up and special effects for the legendary company. After Stan passed, John was one of the founders of a new company called Legacy Effects, and it’s where many of Stan’s crew will continue his brilliant work.

In fact, Legacy Effects is hard at work on some of the biggest films in development – from “Iron Man 2” to James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

But getting back to John…a cool fact is John is one of the few who can say he’s worked on every “Terminator” movie. Actually, his resume is so impressive…all I can really do is say check out his IMDB page and then come back. You’ll be blown away.

But for the lazy ones, John has worked with every major filmmaker over the past three decades and he’s currently working for James Cameron on “Avatar”. So, as I said, the guy knows his make-up and special effects.

terminator_salvation_movie_image.jpgAnyway, at the recent press junket for “Terminator Salvation” I ran into John and he agreed to give me a tour of all the props on display and explain how everything was made.

While it’s unusual for a movie studio to display props from a movie, this is “Terminator”, so Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops.

If you’re a fan of the “Terminator” movies, or are just someone curious about special effects and how they make the props, you’ll love seeing John explain what’s on display.

Finally, tomorrow I’ll post part two of my conversation with John, and it’s the interview portion. We talked about making “Terminator Salvation”, “Avatar” and a bit on “Iron Man 2”.

Of course I need to say a big thank you to John for agreeing to give me so much time. I think everyone is really going to like watching this tour. Take a look:

John Rosengrant

-Introduces himself

-Shows us the hydrobot – tells us how long it takes to design and shows us some secrets  we might not know. Also explains how they are made

-T-600 talk

-I ask how can you get one of these in your home

-T1 talk – was also called T100

John Rosengrant Part 2 – T-600’s

-T-600’s. John explains what they are made out of and explains what they are in the movie

-Also says these T-600’s will end up at Six Flags for a Terminator Roller Coaster

Part 3

-The bunker sequence of Terminator Salvation

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