John Rosengrant from Legacy Effects talks TERMINATOR SALVATION, AVATAR, and IRON MAN 2

     May 22, 2009

John Rosengrant image.jpgWhile you might not know who John Rosengrant is (IMDB), I promise that you have seen his work. That’s because John worked for Stan Winston Studios since the early 80’s and did both make-up and special effects for the legendary company. After Stan passed, John was one of the founders of a new company called Legacy Effects, and it’s where many of Stan’s crew will continue his brilliant work. In fact, Legacy Effects is hard at work on some of the biggest films in development – from “Iron Man 2” to James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

Anyway, the other day I posted some VERY cool videos from the recent “Terminator Salvation” junket. The videos showed John explaining how they made the various props for the new “Terminator” movie, and you also got to see the behind the scenes of the actual junket. If you’re curious how Legacy Effects made the robots come to life, you should definitely click here.

But now it’s time for the actual interview.

After I finished walking around with John, we sat down and did a full interview. We discussed what was the toughest stuff to build, what else is Legacy Effects working on, and a lot more. If you’re curious about movie props and how that world operates, you’re really going to dig this interview. And if you’re the type of person that likes to hear any info on “Avatar”, John says a few things…take a look after the jump:

John Rosengrant – The Interview

  • What was the toughest of the practical effects that they had to build
  • John talks about how they learn a lot on each project and they take that info to the next film
  • Is he already thinking about how am I going to top this film if they end up making two more
  • Talks about the Terminator museum they put up in Japan
  • Any chance of the display coming to America
  • I ask what else is he working on – says he is still working on Avatar. Says it’s going to be a groundbreaking film
  • Says shop is working on Iron Man 2
  • Says a few live action scenes on Avatar are still being shot
  • How have they raised the bar on Iron Man 2
  • Says they made the armor tailored for Robert this time
  • Says they built more for Iron Man 2

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