KUNG FU PANDA Director John Stevenson Signs Multi-Picture Deal with Vanguard Films; Will Direct ALIEN ROCK BAND and ROTTEN ISLAND

     November 10, 2010


Kung Fu Panda co-director John Stevenson has signed a multi-picture deal with John Williams’ Vanguard Films.  Stevenson’s first project with Vanguard will be helming the live action/CGI hybrid film Alien Rock Band.  Here’s how the press release describes the movie:

Plot revolves around a garage band from Earth which journeys across the Universe to qualify for a shot at superstardom in an Intergalactic Battle of the Bands. It won’t be easy – the band will have to out-shred four-armed alien guitarists, face-down tentacled, punker octo-drummers, and fight snarling alien monsters – with music as its only weapon.

Surprisingly, there’s no mention of alien cocaine or alien groupies.  Hit the jump to learn about the other projects Stevenson and Vanguard will be collaborating on.

Here’s a breakdown of the other projects Stevenson and Vanguard will be making together:

Rotten Island:  After he helms Alien Rock Band, Stevenson will direct the CG-animated film, which is based on the book by Shrek author William Steig.  The story is “about an island where monsters reign free until a beautiful flower changes everything.”

Buzby: Described as “the world’s first high speed animated romantic comedy starring fruit flies, written by Jason Mayland with Annie Award-winner Phil Robinson (Hubert’s Brain) attached to direct.”  Stevenson will produce along with Williams.

City of Dragons: The press release says the film is “a live-action martial arts movie in the spirit of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with supernatural elements set in modern day Shanghai, written by Rob Moreland (Space Chimps)”.

Atomic Circus: Unfortunately, this is not a tale of the Family Circus getting nuked.  Here’s the official logline: “a live-action fantasy adventure story featuring a fast-talking con-man in a post-apocalyptic world, written by Athena Gam.”

Vanguard also sent along some concept art for Alien Rock Band.  Check it out below:


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