‘The Continental’: New Plot Details for ‘John Wick’ Spinoff Show Teased by Chad Stahelski

     May 16, 2020


It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten an update on The Continental, the forthcoming John Wick spinoff series set to debut on Starz. As we await the unveiling of new images or footage from the series, John Wick franchise director and The Continental executive producer Chad Stahelski is serving up some exciting new plot details to help keep us hooked.


Image via Lionsgate

Speaking with Fandom earlier this week, Stahelski opened up about what separates The Continental from the John Wick franchise timeline despite both the movies and the show very much occupying the same world. Per Stahelski, The Continental will have “a very different timeline structure and a very different perspective of character,” implying the show will cover a longer stretch of time than the one week (and some change) timeline utilized in the John Wick franchise. Stahelski went on to reveal an interesting new plot detail, telling Fandom, “[The show is] about how deep the world goes, and not just about assassins but everything that’s included. And a lot of the origin stories are some of the characters that you see in [John Wick].”

More origin stories, you say? Well, that is certainly some intriguing new information, to be sure. Stahelski did not elaborate on which characters would be getting an origin story in The Continental, but I’m already throwing in my vote for a Charon the Concierge (Lance Reddick) origin tale because that man contains multitudes. It also just makes a ton of sense this spinoff series dedicated to expanding the John Wick world would make room for some deeper exploration of the many, many colorful figures we’ve only briefly met in the movies. On this note, Stahelski also echoed past comments about The Continental‘s plot, remarking the show will use “a different perspective on the whole world, it’s coming at it from different characters’ points of view and what the breadth of the world is.”

The Continental has been in the works for a few years now, but it remains unclear where in the show is at in terms of production. Stahelski is reportedly directing the premiere episode and it’s possible (but not at all confirmed) Reeves might make a cameo. Additionally, a premiere date has not been set for The Continental, so it’s similarly unclear if the original plan for the series to debut after John Wick 4, which is still in pre-production, is still in place.

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