Promo Poster for John Woo’s THE CROSSING Starring Zhang Ziyi and Kaneshiro Takeshi

     February 20, 2014


Our next promo poster on display during Steve’s visit to Berlin for the European Film Market is a film that folks in the know are calling “the Chinese Titanic“:  John Woo’s The Crossing.  Woo’s last film came in 2009, so his return to the director’s chair likely interested prospective buyers during the acquisitions market.  Starring Zhang Ziyi and Kaneshiro Takeshi, the two-part love story follows three couples fleeing China for Taiwan on a steamer during the 1949 revolution.  Hit the jump for more on The Crossing and to check out the promo poster.

john_wooHere’s what Woo had to say about The Crossing (via THR):

“I’ve wanted to make this movie for a long time, because people always see me as an action director, but they don’t realize that I can make romantic love stories, too. I wanted to make a film that showed a turbulent period in modern history, to show how love can survive and overcome all difficulties.”

As for what the movie is about at it’s core:

“This movie has several themes: It is firstly about fate, which means that in life, many things happen for reasons beyond your control,” Woo says. “You can make the best of plans, but ultimately what happens is not up to you. It is also about humanity, about how suffering brings out the best and worst in people. More importantly, this movie is also about hope. No matter what happens to you, no matter how difficult things become, things will always get better in the end.”

Here’s the promo poster for The Crossing:


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