Johnny Knoxville on the Future of ‘Jackass’ and the Real Stunts in ‘Action Point’

     May 2, 2018

As a longtime fan of Jackass and Johnny Knoxville, I’m counting the days till I can see director Tim Kirkby’s Action Point. If you haven’t seen the trailer or heard of the film, the film stars Knoxville as the owner of a low-rent amusement park who, when his teenage daughter comes to visit, pulls out all the stops in order to compete with a bigger, badder theme park that threatens to put them out of business. While that synopsis might sound a bit vanilla, I’ve left out something pretty important: all the stunts in the film are real! The movie is basically Jackass with an actual narrative story. In addition, the screenplay hails from Silicon Valley writers and producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and indeed Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge has a “story by” credit on the film.


Image via Paramount Pictures

Last week at CinemaCon, I was able to talk with Knoxville on the Paramount red carpet before their panel. He talked about the future of Jackass, if he was nervous to do any of the Action Point stunts, if he has ever thought about quitting stunt work, which stunt caused the crew to have an ambulance standing by, and a lot more.

Check out what Johnny Knoxville had to say above. Action Point also stars Chris Pontius, Dan Bakkedahl, Matt Schulze, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Johnny Pemberton, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Joshua Hoover, Conner McVicker, and Eric Manaka. Action Point opens in theaters on June 1st.

Johnny Knoxville:

  • Did they ever have any talks about doing more Jackass?
  • What was it about Action Point that said I’ll put myself through hell yet again?
  • Did they ever do any of the stunts more than once?
  • Did any of the stunts make him nervous going in?
  • How many stunts are in the film?
  • Has he ever thought I can’t do this anymore?
  • What is the film about?

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