Friday Box Office: ‘Joker’ Earns $40 Million, on Track to Dominate the Weekend

     October 5, 2019


There may be a chill in the air as we head into the fall but things are beginning to heat up at the box office as director Todd Phillips‘ latest, Joker, earns $40 million in its first two days. Joker can now boast one of the best first 48 hours in theaters this year, joining the ranks of other recent, impressive debuts including IT: Chapter Two ($37M), Toy Story 4 ($47M), and Disney’s The Lion King live-action remake ($78M).


Image via Warner Bros.

Joker made a jaw-dropping amount of money during Thursday previews — $13.3 million to be exact. This is one of the best Thursday previews totals we’ve seen in a while, with 2018’s Venom being the last top dog with $10 million earned. The curiosity to see Joker star Joaquin Phoenix put on a happy face and make his way through Gotham as a notorious hellraiser continued into Friday, with the movie earning an additional $26.6 million. Joker can also boast a formidable per-theater average, bringing in $9,122 per theater for the 4,374 theaters it was shown in domestically. And if you think this movie is having a humdinger of a Friday here in the U.S., Joker did even better overseas. It earned $57.2 million internationally, bringing the 2-day worldwide total to $97.1 million. Back here in the U.S., Joker is on track to make around $90 million by the end of the weekend.


Image via Warner Bros.

It seems we’re sending in clowns of all sorts this weekend. While Joker wreaks havoc in Gotham, audiences are still keen to see what kinds of terror Pennywise is cooking up in Derry in IT: Chapter Two. The second installment in the Stephen King-adapted saga starring James McAvoyJessica Chastain, and Bill Hader is going strong as it heads into its fifth weekend in theaters. IT: Chapter Two occupies the number five slot in the box office charts, earning $1.43 million domestically and bringing its to-date total up to $198 million.

In between Joker and IT: Chapter Two on the charts are AbominableDownton Abbey, and HustlersAbominable has the number two spot with $2.78 million earned domestically, bringing its total thus far up to $28.6 million. At number three in Downton Abbey with Friday’s $2.4 million added to its domestic total of $68 U.S. theaters. Finally, Hustlers pulled in $2 million, making its current U.S. total $87 million.

For more on Joker, check out our review. If you’ve seen it already but are confused about that ending, here’s our explainer.

Rank Title Friday Total
1. Joker $39,900,000 $39,900,000
2. Abominable $2,780,000 $28,613,115
3. Downton Abbey $2,400,000 $68,026,935
4. Hustlers $1,940,000 $86,961,880
5. IT: Chapter Two $1,430,000 $198,280,157

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