Exclusive: Check Out Custom ‘Joker’ Posters Created by Poster Posse

     September 17, 2019

In anticipation of the release of director/co-writer Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated film Joker, we at Collider are happy to exclusively debut a pair of custom posters created specifically for the film. Warner Bros. Pictures teamed up with the folks at Poster Posse to create some custom artwork, and the below posters come courtesy of artists Rich Davies and Luke Butland.

Joker is, of course, a gritty, original re-imagining of the origin story for the titular DC Comics villain with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. Set in early 1980s Gotham City, Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a clown-for-hire with aspirations of being a standup comic. As his personal life crumbles, he descends further and further into madness, and Joker is born.

Phillips approached this film more like Taxi Driver than Batman Begins, and that’s reflected in everything from the cinematography to the gritty production design to the truly unsettling score. Phoenix delivers a transformational performance as the titular character, and we can promise you’ve never quite seen a comic book movie like this.

Check out the posters below, and click here to read our recent Q&A with Phoenix and Phillips about the film. Joker opens in theaters on October 4th.

The first poster is by Rich Davies, and the second is by Luke Butland.



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