21 New ‘Joker’ Images Take Us Deeper into Arthur Fleck’s World

     September 15, 2019


Warner Bros. has released 21 new images from the upcoming Joker, starring Joaquin PhoenixRobert De NiroZazie Beetz, and Frances Conroy. The Todd Phillips-directed film is not directly connected to any DC Comics origin story for the famous Batman villain. It does, however, offer up an alternate version of Joker’s journey from a downtrodden, average Gotham citizen into one of the most chaotic and dangerous criminals in the city limits.


Image via Warner Bros.

The new images released by Warner Bros. put an emphasis on the grim world of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) while also giving us a closer look at how much he transforms while wearing the clown paint. While a majority of previous images, trailers, and posters have put an emphasis on showing us Arthur pre-transformation, these new images are all about showing us what he becomes when he is pushed to his limits and gives in to the darkness inside him. Whether he’s dancing on some steps in a seedy back alley or he’s taking a long, hard look at himself in the mirror while looking like a clown, there’s something unsettling about Arthur while he’s in Joker-mode. Then again, that’s probably the point.

But Phoenix’s Arthur doesn’t dominate the new photoset entirely. In addition to Arthur, we get a closer look at De Niro as late-night talk show host Murray Franklin and Beetz as Arthur’s love interest, Sophie Dumond. There are even a few photos of Phoenix and Phillips conferring while filming which feels like nice bonuses. If you’re keen to take a closer looker, check them out below.

Joker arrives in theaters on October 4.

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