‘Joker’ Spoiler Review: Does Joaquin Phoenix Deserve an Oscar, or Are We Crazy Too?

     October 6, 2019


Todd Phillips‘ gritty Joker movie is dancing all over the competition at the box office this weekend, and Collider sent in its biggest clowns — John Rocha and Jeff Sneider — to review the movie alongside Dennis Tzeng. The trio is in agreement that Joker is a startling achievement from Phillips, one that hopefully signals a new, grounded direction for DC Films, which reportedly made Joker for less than a third of the budget for Justice League.

Jeff was impressed by Joaquin Phoenix‘s physicality and the gorgeous score by Hildur Guonadottir, while Dennis praised the film’s cinematography by Lawrence Sher. Rocha enjoyed how Phillips connected Joker to Batman lore, though he was also concerned about the film’s “dangerous” depiction of mental illness.


Image via Warner Bros.

Joker is dividing critics, with some hailing it a masterpiece, and others accusing it of being shallow and empty. Matt Goldberg came down in the middle of the spectrum, giving Joker a C-grade. The film is making a killing at the box office this weekend, but a sequel remains unlikely, as Phoenix’s version of the Joker was designed to support a single solo movie.

Robert De Niro co-stars alongside Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, Marc Maron, Sharon Washington, Douglas Hodge, Bill Camp, Shea Whigham, Glenn Fleshler, Josh Pais and scene-stealer Leigh Gill.

Watch John, Jeff and Dennis as they debate the pros and cons of Joker and offer their interpretations of the controversial ending, which may divide audiences. But fair warning, major spoilers lurk within, so watch at your own risk!

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