April 26, 2010

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Iron Man 2 hasn’t even been released yet, but let’s be honest…we already want to know what the future holds for Tony Stark.  It should come as no surprise that director, Jon Favreau constantly has to answer questions about his future involvement in the world of Marvel even when discussing his next project, Cowboys & Aliens.

In an interview with ComingSoon, Favreau discusses The Avengers and how all of the other upcoming Marvel films will affect the direction he takes if he does do Iron Man 3. He also reveals who he thinks the main villain should be.  Finally, he talked about why he wanted to do Cowboys & Aliens.  Hit the jump to find out what he had to say:

jon_favreau_image__2_.jpgAfter confirming that he wants The Mandarin to be the next villain to do battle with Iron Man, Favreau went on to say the following:

“They’ve asked me to be an Executive Producer on ‘The Avengers’ so I’ll be there to help as much as the director would want me to. ‘Iron Man 3’ is years down the road, and that has to reflect the reality of what’s been established not just in ‘Iron Man 1 and 2,’ but in movie time…Between this film and that film, is ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America,’ and ‘The Avengers.’ I haven’t had to inherit anybody else’s backstory yet–it’s just simply what we chose to use or not use from the comic books–so I’m feeling like I’m passing the baton and after all those movies are done, it’s time to sit down and discuss if there’s something I can bring to it, if it’s something we want to do together, but that’s way down the road.”

He also talked about Cowboys & Aliens and why he wanted to do the project:

“The property isn’t what was appealing to me as much as the concept and the script, I read a great script and I loved the idea of mashing up those two genres and juxtaposing a very intense alien movie up against a very sincerely played Western. We draw inspiration tonally from movies like ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Alien’ and ‘Predator’ for the alien side and for the Western side we’re looking at John Ford, Leone, and even a little bit of ‘Butch and Sundance.’  Once again, I’ve been very lucky in exceeding all my expectations in getting Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.  We’re slowly assembling a cast around this property, and I want to do something mind-blowing and it’s a great way to do a Western. I’ve always dreamed of doing a Western, and this seems like a way that’s actually responsible from a marketing standpoint, doing an alien invasion Western seems like something very unique and different in the summer next year, which is going to be all superhero movies and sequels. Seems like an exciting thing that might actually emerge as something unique and different. It’s a fun ride and it’s a chance to do something that plays a little bit older and a little bit more fun.”

With Favreau doing a ton of press for Iron Man 2, expect a lot more soon.

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