Movie Talk: A Jon Schnepp Tribute from Friends and Family

     July 23, 2018

On today’s very special episode of #ColliderMovieTalk, we celebrate the life and legacy of our dear friend Jon Schnepp with Collider personalities far and wide paying tribute.

Collider personality, comic book writer, director, producer, and animated series creator Jon Schnepp passed away peacefully on Thursday, July 19th. As the host of Collider Heroes and frequent panelist on Collider Movie Talk and other Collider shows, videos, and panels, Jon was a vital and irreplaceable part of the Collider family, and we are all deeply upset by his passing. He was a key creative force in the animated series Metalocalypse, worked on the animated series The Venture Bros. and the Black Panther animated series. And recently, Jon made his feature film debut by directing the terrific 2015 documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? with his partner Holly Payne producing it. Schnepp’s passion for art was infectious, and his knowledge—especially when it came to comic books—was legendary. He was a fan first and foremost, and the excitement with which he discussed film, comics, stories, and storytellers was palpable.

On this video, family, friends, and co-workers stop by to offer their tributes to the King of the Sweaties. They talk about their experiences with Jon, their memories of him, and the unique impact he left on all their lives. His smile was infectious and his passionate takes on the things he loved or were disappointed in were always delivered with intelligence, thought, and an incredible amount of humor. He was also a very giving, caring, and affectionate person who spent extra time with the fans and with the people in his life. Jon leaves behind a legacy of love and passion that will never be forgotten.

We also ask that you please consider donating to the immense medical costs on Holly’s official GoFundMe page. One more time…Sweaties, unite.


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