Jon Watts in Talks to Direct ‘Spider-Man 3’ Co-Produced by Disney and Sony

     September 27, 2019

spider-man-far-from-home-set-photo-jon-watts-tom-holland-sliceWhat a day to be a web-head. This morning, news broke that feuding mega-corporations Disney and Sony had agreed to co-producing terms on a third Spider-Man film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Holland, a right proper lad, reacted with an A+ Wolf of Wall Street reference. But it looks like the actor will also be joined by the director who started Spider-Man’s journey into the MCU: Deadline reports Jon Watts is in the final stages of talks to direct the second Homecoming sequel, which hits theaters on July 16, 2021.

Watts, of course, directed both Homecoming and this year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, which netted more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. The report notes that Watts’ deal to return isn’t 100% locked down, but the two studios want to hammer out the new details of their co-producing deal before turning full attention to the director.

Marvel President Kevin Feige took a brief break from developing a Star Wars movie to release an official statement this morning, which also offered a hint that Spider-Man might be hopping between cinematic universes in the future:

“I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it,” said Feige in the press release.  “Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”

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