Jonah Hill to Add Another Animated Comedy to Fox’s Primetime Roster

     October 15, 2009


Not to cast aspersions on the network, but I’m willing to bet that in a dark dungeon filled with the screams of liberals, Rupert Murdoch sits atop a throne of skulls and wonders how he can make the Fox network the next [adult swim] but without the truly subversive programming that only late-night cable can provide.  Fox’s Sunday night line-up of “Animation Domination” has proved successful as the network recently picked up the back-nine of the “Family Guy”-spinoff, “The Cleveland Show”.

Now Fox has recruited Jonah Hill to fill their insatiable hunger for more animated programming.  Hit the jump to learn more while Murdoch enjoys another glass of puppy blood.

According to Variety, Hill’s comedy will be produced by Peter Chernin whose new company has decided to make every film and TV show possible so if you have an idea about an apple pie that chooses to take revenge on the family that ate his brother Pumpkin, take it to Chernin and begin pre-production (although you can’t use the apple pie-vengeance story because I already submitted it).

While probably nowhere near as good as my pitch for “Pie Murders Family”, Hill’s untitled project (for which he will also provide voice work) “centers on a 7-year-old socialite who acts and talks like an adult — and finds himself out of his element when forced to attend public school.”  I think someone should check with Seth MacFarlane because it sounds like they’re creating a Stewie Griffin spin-off.

Family Guy image Road to the Multiverse.jpg