Jonah Hill Video Interview CYRUS

     July 8, 2010


Over the last few days I’ve posted video interviews with the cast of Cyrus (John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei) and in each one I’ve mentioned how well The Duplass Brothers moved into studio filmmaking.  Rather than try to make their movies in a new way, their kept their indie roots by filming Cyrus in order and having the cast do a ton of improvising.  What they ended up with was an original story that blends humor & heartbreak.  It’s definitely recommended.

Anyway, at the press junket I was also able to speak with Jonah Hill and we talked about making Cyrus, Steven Spielberg, how have the last few weeks been as I just spoke to him for Get Him to the Greek, and Hill reminisces about being in The 40-Year Old Virgin with Catherine Keener and how that one scene changed his life.  It’s a great interview.  Hit the jump to check it out:

Finally, for more on Cyrus including 5 movie clips, click here.

Jonah Hill

  • How have the last few weeks been
  • We talk about how I saw him on the Universal lot getting his picture taken with Steven Spielberg. He talks about his favorite Spielberg film
  • We talk about the Cyrus poster and how they filmed Cyrus in order
  • How did the film change as he got involved and how did the brothers pitch him the movie
  • Working with Catherine Keener again (they worked together on 40 Year Old Virgin) and he reminisces about the movie

cyrus movie poster

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