Jonah Hill’s 21 JUMP STREET Movie Gets Released in August, 2011

     February 12, 2010


Sony Pictures has announced via it’s Twitter feed that director Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 21 Jump Street movie starring Jonah Hill will be getting released in August, 2011.  While Hill has been talking about the film for almost two years, this is one of those projects I thought was stuck in development hell.  Apparently not.  Hit the jump for what we know about the movie:

In case you think the 21 Jump Street movie will play it safe and be PG or a soft PG-13, Hill promises a “full-on action movie, blowing s*** up.”  He also says:

“[Audiences are] not expecting what it’s going to be. It’s not a parody of the show. I’m not playing Johnny Depp’s character… I’m not saying I’m Johnny Depp. I’m not playing his character. It’s a group of people that go back to high school to deal with a drug problem. To deal with crime in high school. I really love the “Back to the Future” moment of that where it’s getting to relive a certain period of your life… It’s a comedy with really cool action. We’re not doing something serious like ‘Miami Vice.’ But it’s not a parody. It’s a funny movie with a lot of great action and a real story. I’ve been saying that it’s like a John Hughes movie with ‘Bad Boys’ style action.”

After the awesome trailer for Get Him to the Greek, I’m in for whatever Hill wants to do. If you’d like to read more of what Hill has said about 21 Jump Street, hit these two links.


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