Jonathan Groff Exclusive Video Interview TAKING WOODSTOCK

     August 27, 2009

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If you live in NYC and go to Broadway or attend plays in Central Park, you might have seen Jonathan Groff’s work. That’s because Jonathan has been in plays like “Spring Awakening”, “Hair”, and “In My Life” over the past few years and has even been nominated for a Tony Award. While he’s only twenty four years old, he’s definitely on the fast track.

Anyway, perhaps due to his rising stock on Broadway, Ang Lee cast Jonathan for a key role in “Taking Woodstock”, as he played Michael Lang – one of the people that made the festival happen. So after the jump, you can watch Jonathan tell me about what Ang made him due to prepare for the role and he reveals that he’s caught the film acting bug. Take a look:

Finally, here’s some movie clips from “Taking Woodstock”, along with the synopsis. The film is opening everywhere tomorrow.

Jonathan Groff

  • How did he get into acting and did he always want to do Broadway
  • While he was on Hair Ang Lee gave him a lot of stuff to prepare with, how hard was that to work with
  • How his character is a hippie and a business man
  • Working with the hair and the costume
  • Has he caught the film bug

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