Watch: Jonathan Groff Sings a ‘Mindhunter’ Musical Number on Colbert

     November 2, 2017


A weird thing happened with Mindhunter, the critically acclaimed new Netflix series from executive producer David Fincher. While the show is certainly popular and has drawn well-earned praise, it’s also started something of a weird trend in which, for seemingly no reason at all, people started coming up with humorous “theme songs” for the show. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins posted his own on Twitter, set to the grisly imagery of the show’s opening credits sequence, but now star Jonathan Groff himself has offered his variation on a Mindhunter song.

Indeed, it’s likely Groff’s Broadway chops that put the notion of a Mindhunter theme song into people’s heads in the first place, and while the Hamilton alum was on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he broke the “news” that he and Fincher are developing Mindhunter: The Musical. What followed was a funny and only mildly disturbing original tune from this non-existent musical, which Groff sang with a little help from host Stephen Colbert.

It’s a funny bit, Mindhunter is brilliant, and Groff has a tremendous voice, so this is delightful all around. And should serve as some comfort in the wake of Groff’s underutilized singing voice in Frozen—although the actor has already begun voicework for Frozen 2, so here’s hoping he gets a bigger/better number this time around.

While Mindhunter hasn’t officially been renewed for Season 2 yet, the current thinking is that the show will be back, and Fincher is already making plans to cover more notorious murders. For now, check out Groffsauce previewing MIndhunter: The Musical in the video below.