Director Jonathan Liebesman Talks WRATH OF THE TITANS and the BATTLE LOS ANGELES Sequel

     March 25, 2012


Opening next weekend is director Jonathan Liebesman’s (Battle: Los Angeles) Wrath of the Titans.  In the sequel to Clash of the Titans, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is tasked with stopping the titans and saving Zeus (Liam Neeson) from Hades’ stranglehold (Ralph Fiennes). The film also stars Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy, Edgar Ramirez, Toby Kebbell and Danny Huston.  And for those wondering how the sequel turned out, Wrath of the Titans is what I hoped Clash of the Titans would be.  It’s got a solid story, incredible effects, and the 3D is really well done.  I’ve seen it twice (including IMAX 3D) and it’s definitely recommended.

During my interview with Liebesman, we talked about what was the most complicated special effect, the difference between sunlight and darkness for making effects look real, whether he felt added pressure with the 3D conversion after the negative reaction to the 3D in Clash of the Titans, and what’s his favorite director, actor and movie.  In addition, I also got an update on the Battle Los Angeles Sequel.  Hit the jump for more.

Battle-Los-Angeles-movie-imageFor those wondering if Sony would make a sequel to Battle Los Angeles, Liebesman says:

“We’ve just started the script now, so that’s where we are. We have just begun the script. Just because I don’t want the studio to get pissed at me, I’m not sure what I can and can’t say about it. But what’s exciting is it sounds like the budget will be as big. They’re really going to make it an event.”

With the first film grossing over $200 million at the worldwide box office, it’s no surprise Sony would try for a sequel.  But as most of you know, hiring writers and developing a script is a long way from a greenlight.  And with Liebesman busy with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a few other projects, who knows if he’ll have the time to direct a sequel.

Finally, if you missed Liebesman talking about TMNT, or his take on the Julius Caesar story, Odysseus, and his thoughts on returning for a sequel to Wrath of the Titans, just hit the links. 

Jonathan Liebesman

  • Favorite director, actor and movie
  • What was the most complicated effect
  • The difference between daytime and nightime for special effects and what’s easier to do
  • Did he feel any additional pressure to make sure the 3D was good after the reaction to the 3D on Clash of the Titans
  • What’s the status of the Battle Los Angeles sequel


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