Jonathan Liebesman to Direct Epic Julius Caesar Film

     July 13, 2011


Warner Bros. has picked up a pitch for an epic Julius Caesar film as a directing vehicle for Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman.  According to Deadline, the film wouldn’t be a biopic as much as a “Patton­-like approach” and would cover Caesar’s Spanish campaign, his formation of the 10th Legion, and the battles that would eventually establish Caesar as ruler of the Roman republic (Rome didn’t become an empire until Augustus, Caesar’s heir, took over following his uncle’s assassination).   The concept is to create a sweeping drama with a major movie star playing Caesar and to leave the door open for a second film that would cover Caesar’s journey to Egypt and his assassination.  Chris Boal will write the script and Liebesman will produce alongside Basil Iwanyk (Clash of the Titans 2).

Liebesman recently wrapped shooting on the Clash of the Titans sequel, which is due out March 30, 2012.  Last year we reported that 17 Again director Burr Steers was working on a Caesar film that would focus on the historical figure’s teenage years.

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