Jedi Council: Chewbacca Actor Joonas Suotamo Joins the Council to Talk ‘Solo’

     May 11, 2018

On today’s Jedi Council, Kristian Harloff, Ken Napzok, and Ash Crossan discuss the following:

  • Disney and Lucasfilm released new clips and a TV spot from Solo: A Star Wars Story with a new AMC poster as well.
  • Woody Harrelson was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and premiered a new Solo: A Star Wars Story clip of Han meeting Beckett and Val.
  • Composer John Powell reveals the track listing for his Solo: A Star Wars Story score/soundtrack.
  • Star Wars posts a video on its Twitter account of Ron Howard and Chewbacca talking with Chewbacca’s first ever theme song possibly playing in the background.
  • Kristian interviews Joonas Suotamo who plays Chewbacca in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • announces a new book series called “Flight of the Falcon” which will us the Millennium Falcon to connect different eras of Star Wars storytelling.
  • The panel reviews: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation #1, and Darth Vader #16.
  • An 8th Star Wars: Forces of Destiny short will arrive on the day of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It will focuse on Qi’ra or another character from the film.
  • EA announces that the new Han Solo season of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will offer a “trip back to the original trilogy” which might include a trip into Jabba’s Palace.
  • Twitter and Facebook Questions

Image via Lucasfilm