Jordana Brewster Talks DALLAS Season 2, Upcoming Storylines, Larry Hagman, FAST AND FURIOUS 6, and More

     January 27, 2013


Dallas is back on TNT for a second season of back-stabbing, plot-scheming and blackmailing fun.  Just like its original incarnation, the drama centers on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even murder are truly legendary.  The show stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong and Mitch Pileggi.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Jordana Brewster, who plays Christopher’s (Metcalfe) love and business partner Elena Ramos, talked about how much she has enjoyed seeing her character come into her own this season, where her heart is at now, her hopes for a wedding, who the bigger threat is, getting to see more of Elena’s family this season, and how the absence of Larry Hagman (with his passing on November 23, 2012) will affect the show.  She also talked about how excited she is for the Fast and Furious 6 (Furious 6) trailer to debut during the Super Bowl on February 3rd (it will be her first time seeing any footage from the film), how the fans won’t be let down this time around, and that the stunts in this one will one-up the last one yet again.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.

Dallas-Jordana-BrewsterCollider:  Are you enjoying the fact that Elena seems to really be coming into her own this season, taking the initiative and making deals herself?  Will that continue, or do things start to fall apart?

JORDANA BREWSTER:  No, they don’t, actually.  Elena goes further and further in that direction, and she’s more and more autonomous.  That’s really fun to play because it’s such a different tone from last season.  Last season, she was always so torn and undecided between Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and John Ross (Josh Henderson).  It seems like men are her weakness and she’s not too decisive or professional when it comes to her love life.  However, she has worked really, really hard and, in the boardroom, it’s a different story.  I’m really enjoying playing that. 

At the end of last season, Elena learned that John Ross had been lying to her about pretty much everything, and then Christopher poured his heart out to her again.  Where is she at now, as far as where she feels she fits in and how she feels about these two guys?

BREWSTER:  I think the reason she had a blind spot for John Ross was that she figured, “Oh, well, he’s really screwed up because of his dad and he’s just constantly trying to prove himself to him.”  She thought that, deep down, he was good, but just had a very misguided way of showing it.  But then, he just proved to be such an S.O.B. that there was no returning from that.  She’s still on that page.  She’s always going to be weary of him.  There break-up makes him even more of an, I don’t want to say villain, but S.O.B.  I think she’s just always on guard now, when it comes to John Ross. 

Dallas-Jordana-BrewsterWho would you say is a big thorn for Christopher and Elena this season, John Ross or the ex formerly known as Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo)?

BREWSTER:  You know, I think it’s really Rebecca because she’s preggers with Christopher’s babies.  Elena wants to marry him and it’s just so complicated.  You have to accept the fact that another woman will have your husband’s babies before you’ll have his children, and she’s completely untrustworthy.  She’s always going to be in their lives, which is really unbearable for Elena.

Where would you say the relationship between Elena and Christopher is headed this season?  Are they headed towards a wedding happening soon?

BREWSTER:  We haven’t shot the entire season yet.  We’re still on Episode 9.  I would really love them to have a huge wedding, but that’s just the girly part of me.  They’re also headed for some conflict.  They’re definitely in their honeymoon stage for the first couple of episodes, but then there’s so much going on.  They also made the mistake of going into business together, which everyone knows you shouldn’t do.  That can’t be all wine and roses. 

Do you feel like Elena can trust Christopher in a way that she could never trust John Ross?

Dallas-cast-season-2BREWSTER:  Yes.  I think Christopher, at his core, is moral and good.  John Ross, a little bit less so.  And those qualities are probably what made her fall in love with him.  I think he’s definitely more trustworthy than John Ross is. 

Was it weird to be the one standing on the sidelines, during the premiere, watching Jesse Metcalfe racing on the track?  Did you ever feel tempted to show him how it’s done in a race car?

BREWSTER:  Oh, my gosh, not at all!  Those race cars are so claustrophobic.  I was grateful that I wasn’t in one.  But, I love the production value on this show.  The racetrack was really exciting and it looked beautiful on screen, so that was fun.  But, it was kind of funny.  I was like, “Of course, here I am with cars again!”  It was fun because I was shooting Fast 6 in the fall, so I was shooting both at the same time. 

How cool is it to have the trailer for Fast 6 debuting during the Super Bowl?

Jordana Brewster-Fast-and-Furious-6BREWSTER:  I know!  That will be amazing!  I haven’t seen anything from the movie, so I’m really excited to see it, too.  It’s bigger and better than Fast 5, which seems unfathomable.  I’m really, really excited.  I always watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  I’m so not into sports, but my husband is.  So, I’m like, “Yeah, I’ll watch Beyonce and the commercials!” 

Is there anything you want to say to reassure fans who are a bit nervous about Fast 6 being the first movie in the series that’s going to be mostly focused on the heist aspect instead of the car racing?

BREWSTER:  Fast 5 was also a little more of a heist film.  I think Justin [Lin] is a master at reinventing the series and not letting down the fans.  The fans won’t be let down. 

How do the stunts compare to the stunts of the previous films?

BREWSTER:  Every time, we’re like, “You’re really going to do that?!  How are you going to do that?!”  And they pull it off.  It’s amazing!  Each one has to one-up the last one.  We’re very, very lucky.  Paul [Walker] and I were on set and were like, “Oh, my gosh, we’ve known each other for like 14 years now,” which is just absurd and crazy. 

Does the script change a lot on set, or do you keep to it pretty closely?

BREWSTER:  It’s always gotta be pretty set when you’re dealing with something that big in scope.  I’m not the kind of actor who would be like, “Here are my suggestions for this.” 

Dallas-Larry-HagmanDoes the movie have an official title yet?

BREWSTER:  No, I don’t know what the official title is yet. 

Will there be more of Elena’s family on Dallas, this season?

BREWSTER:  Her brother shows up, which is really a fun dynamic that’s interesting.  Also, her mom is in it more, which is really fun.  I love working with Marlene [Forte].  She just has such a fun sense of humor.  But, with her brother, Elena is younger.  Usually, when you’re the younger sibling, you’re the one who’s irresponsible and running amok, but she’s the youngest and her brother is a mess.  He brings out the tougher side of Elena.  Elena has worked so hard for what she has, and then her brother comes and in her mind, is trying to screw it up.  It’s really fun to bring out that other side of Elena.  It’s a really fun relationship that we explore, in Season 2.  Nothing brings out the crazy like your family.

What does the absence of Larry Hagman mean for the show, and does it feel like you’ve found a way to honor him that would please him?

BREWSTER:  I don’t think he would want to leave the show quietly, and he certainly doesn’t.  The writers took all of Christmas break to restructure the show and restructure the second half of the season.  His leaving sets the stage for so much that starts happening, and the stakes are raised.  I do think he would be very happy.

Dallas airs on Monday nights on TNT.