Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger On Set Interviews FLASHFORWARD

     March 17, 2010

Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger On Set Interview FLASHFORWARD.jpg

If you’re a fan of ABC’s FlashForward, you’re about to be very happy.  That’s because the show is finally coming back with a two hour episode tomorrow night and I’ve got a few on set interviews with the cast to post to help promote the show.  The other day I posted my interview with Dominic Monaghan, and now I’ve got Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger.

On FlashForward, Joseph Fiennes and Sonya Walger play a married couple going through some problems as a result of what each of them saw in their flashforward.  During the interviews, they each talked about what is coming up for their characters and what making the show is really like.  Hit the jump to see what they had to say:

Finally, a big thank you to Patrick Lee from ScifiWire as we were partnered when doing the interviews.  So if it’s not me asking the question, it’s Patrick.  For more on FlashFoward, I definietly recommend this wikipedia page.  Look for another interview tomorrow.

Joseph Fiennes

  • Does he read what people are saying online
  • Talks about the challenges of filming a TV show
  • What’s coming up on the next batch of episodes
  • 5:00 – What does he think of this season’s finale
  • How did David Goyer approach him for the show
  • Says he signed on for 5 years

Sonya Walger

  • What’s up with the love triangle
  • 1:50 – How much was she told about her character and her arc when she signed onto the show
  • 3:45 – What does she know about the finale and what does she think fans will like about the next few episodes
  • 4:45 – What do fans typically say to her when they see her in a supermarket
  • 5:10 – Lost talk – reveals Penny is coming back and she’s going to be in the series finale of Lost
  • Can she appreciate how amazing Lost is due to how close she is to the show
  • What is she doing during her hiatus

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