Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pilots a Hijacked Plane in Amazon’s New Trailer for ‘7500’

     June 10, 2020


Amazon has released a new trailer for its upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie 7500 and it looks pretty damn good to me. I had a strong feeling about this one based simply on the German-language footage we recently posted, and I’m excited for you guys to get a look at this aerial thriller when it hits Amazon Prime Video on June 19.

Gordon-Levitt plays Tobias, a young American co-pilot on a flight from Berlin to Paris. Shortly after takeoff, terrorists armed with makeshift knives suddenly storm the cockpit, wounding both the pilot and Tobias, who swiftly contacts ground control to plan an emergency landing. But when the hijackers kill one passenger and threaten to murder more if he doesn’t let them back into the cockpit, this ordinary man faces an extraordinary test.


Image via Amazon Prime Video

The visual twist to this terrorist thriller is that all of the action takes place inside of the cockpit, which is equipped with cameras that allow the pilots to see the small sliver of space outside the door, but little beyond that. Oscar-nominated director Patrick Vollrath (Everything Will Be Okay) and director of photography Sebastian Thaler work wonders within a confined space, and much like The Invisible Man, what you don’t see on camera is just as important as what you do see.

The production bought a real Airbus and manipulated the front third of the aircraft for filming, meaning the front galley (food-prep area) and the first eight rows of seats. The plane was then hoisted on a pneumatic rig that allowed it to be shaken by hand to simulate turbulence. Of course, the real turbulence is inside the cockpit, as Tobias realizes that one of the hijackers appears to be a victim himself.

Watch the 7500 trailer below, and click here to check out our list of the best movies available on Amazon Prime Video right now.

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