Joseph Ruben to Direct THE STRANGER, a Remake of Orson Welles’ 1946 Noir Crime Drama

     October 1, 2012


Director Joseph Ruben (The Good Son) has been tapped to helm a remake of Orson Welles’ 1946 noir crime drama, The Stranger.  The original, which Welles also starred in, centered on a War Crimes Commission investigator (Edward G. Robinson) who travels to Connecticut to track down an infamous Nazi responsible for engineering the Holocaust. The remake, penned by newcomer Alanna Belak, follows a reformed serial killer masquerading as a professor in a small town…until his former partner comes calling with plans to kill again.  Hit the jump for more.

Heat Vision reports that Jack and Joseph Nasser of NGN Releasing have set Ruben to direct The Stranger.  Ruben may be best known for his 1990s works, The Good Son, Sleeping with the Enemy and Money Train, but the helmer also turned in the 2004 picture, The Forgotten, starring Julianne Moore.  Ruben recently wrapped on Penthouse Northwhich stars Michelle Monaghan as a photojournalist blinded in Iraq who becomes entangled in a sadistic criminal’s (Michael Keaton) search for a missing fortune.

There’s no telling if the remake of The Stranger will keep the original noir aesthetic that Welles delivered, but it’s evident from the plot description that the Nazi-hunting will be limited at best. Check out the trailer and poster for the original picture below and catch those Nazis!


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