Josh Brolin May Play the Villain in Oliver Stone’s WALL STREET 2

     July 26, 2009

Josh Brolin image 2.jpg

Fresh from playing George W. Bush – America’s villain – in Oliver Stone’s “W.”, Josh Brolin may be about to channel evil yet again in the director’s upcoming sequel to “Wall Street”.  Nikki Finke is reporting that an offer to star in “Wall Street 2” will be extended to the actor on Monday.  The role, a hedge fund-shorting financial bigwig about to take down the US economy, was initially offered to Javier Bardem, who passed on the part.  “Wall Street 2” will start shooting in late August with Michael Douglas reprising his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko opposite Shia LeBoeuf as the sequel’s young Bud Fox-esque financial idealist.

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