Josh Brolin Might Not Be JONAH HEX – Updated with Exact Quotes

     November 8, 2008

Update – I now have exactly what Josh said below

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Today is junket central here in Los Angeles. I’m currently on break from the Milk roundtables and getting ready to interview everyone in Twilight. But since I have 5 free minutes…here’s a quick Jonah Hex update.

During the roundtable interview with Josh Brolin we asked him about playing Jonah Hex in the Neveldine/Taylor movie that’s being put together at Warner Bros.

While everyone thought he was going to be playing the role for sure…he said don’t be so sure. Yes, he thinks the role is cool and he’s contemplating playing the character…but he’s also thinking about working with Tony Scott in his upcoming film. We asked him about that movie and what it’s about, but he wouldn’t tell us anything.

The way he spoke to us about Jonah Hex made it seem to me like it’s a long shot for him actually doing the role. While he spoke highly about Neveldine/Taylor and said all the right things, I didn’t get the sense that the project really excited him.

Also, with the recent string of movies he’s been in, I think he wants to make sure the next project he does is something that’s the perfect career move.

I wonder what will happen to Jonah Hex if Josh officially drops out…I don’t think the project will fall apart, so I wonder who else is on the short list of actors they’d cast….

And one last thing…after the interview was over I told him that I thought he’d be perfect in the role of Jonah Hex and I’d love to see him work with Neveldine/Taylor. While his publicist was trying to get him out of the room, he actually stopped and asked me a lot of questions like why did I think he was great for the role and was I a fan of Crank, etc…

So if you all of a sudden hear that he’s going to be Jonah Hex…I want some thanks!

UPDATE – And here’swhat Josh said:

Q: You will be playing a comic book character soon. You’re doing Jonah Hex, right?

Josh: Nope.

Q: You’re not doing Jonah Hex?

Josh: Don’t know yet.

Q: Have you had meetings with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor?

Josh: No.

Q: Do you want to?

Josh: Don’t know. I have a very tough time deciding, except for “Milk.” I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know. It’s a very good time. It’s a very good time and I don’t want to slight anybody and I don’t want to insult anybody, but the fact of the matter is with more decisions comes a little more pressure. For me, I just try and find that thing that really resonates. There’s one thing that Tony Scott’s doing that I love and that I really want to do, and trying to find the timing and all that…

Q: Which is?

Josh: I can’t tell you.

Q: The studios seem to be gearing up for major productions come February and March. There seems to be a lot coming. Is that the reason why you’re hesitant about Jonah Hex because there’s so much about to launch?

Josh: Not entirely. No, no. A little, little bit, a little bit because of more possibilities and all that, but no. I think Jonah Hex is a really, really interesting story. I think it would be risky also, which I like, and I don’t know if it’s the thing to do. Got me all fucked up now…

Q: Why do you have such a hard time deciding?

Josh: Because it’s my process, man. It’s just like when I play a character. I carry around a memo pad and I write a thousand questions. I like to ask myself those questions before I start a movie so I’m not in the middle of the movie going, what did I do? I want to give myself entirely to the film and to the filmmaker when I decide to do the movie. So, I would rather go through all the crap before that and if it doesn’t turn out, that’s okay. That’s when I don’t worry about it because I know I went into it with the right intentions. I always have to weigh out, why am I going into this? Is it the characters? Is it the story? Is it the filmmakers? Is it the other actors that I can round up? Is it greed? Is it money? Is it the fact that they’re offering me a lot of money? Yeah, that’s nice. I don’t get paid, man. I do the art films or whatever. Character actor, fuck that. It’s a nice trajectory and I love working with great filmmakers, like I said. I would also work with a first time filmmaker. If I see his reel and I go, “Oh my god, this guy’s amazing.” There’s a great commercial director in London, Johnny Green. I think he’s a phenomenal talent, phenomenal, so I’m trying to get together with him and create something together because I think he’s an amazing talent. I could be wrong but I think he is. So, I don’t know. You just got that much of my process that goes on in my head just now. This happens for months. It’s exhausting. I’m starting to get embarrassed.

Then at the end of the interview Josh asks us what we think about Neveldine/Taylor…

Josh: Hey, let me ask you guys a question, what’d you think of “Crank”?

Q: Neveldine and Taylor are fucking awesome. They are just great and I want to see you in that universe.

Josh: Why do you think they’re awesome?

Q: Because they just do shit that nobody else does. They shoot on rollerblades. It’s like the shots that they get are crazy. They’re just exciting filmmakers and they’re good people.

Josh: They are good people. They’re very good people. Okay, I gotta go. I’m very interested in this.

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