Josh Brolin Looking to Direct and Star in PITZ & JOE

     December 1, 2010


After his debut as a director in 2008 with the short film ‘X‘, Josh Brolin seems to have acquired a taste for the job and is hoping to step behind the camera again to direct his first feature film: an adaptation of the highly-acclaimed play by Dominique Cieri, Pitz & Joe. The Warner Bros. production is based on Cieri’s personal experiences, and is apparently a “two character drama about a young woman and her brain-damaged brother”. Although initial reports suggested that Brolin might also be writing the adaptation, according to The Playlist, the screenplay will be penned by Maya Forbes (Monsters vs Aliens) and will instead see Brolin starring in addition to directing. Hit the jump for more.

Cieri’s play was described by theatrical director Stephen Burdman as “a beautiful blend of the past, and how you work through the past to get to the future”. The story focuses on a divorced painter and her relationship with her junkie brother, who five years earlier was involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident that left him severely brain damaged. The plot evolves through a series of flashbacks that explore the dramatic highs and lows of their lives prior to the event. Burdman sums it up: “The reason it’s so beautiful is that it’s deep set in true family love. To me, it’s about being alive.”

Hopefully, Brolin hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew. It seems like an almighty task for a first time actor-turned-director to be tackling such an emotionally wrought tale, particularly an actor so busy! Currently Brolin is shooting Men In Black III, and working on thriller Someone in the Dark alongside Kristen Stewart. The No Country for Old Men actor is also soon to hit cinemas in another likely Coen Brothers hit, True Grit, which opens December 22nd.


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