Rumor: Marvel in Talks With LOST’s Josh Holloway

     May 31, 2010


Of the massive ensemble that Lost employed over the last six years, I think Josh Holloway is in the best position  to vault into stardom after the show ended its run last week.  His manly brand of Southern swagger is suited to fill a void in a Hollywood that often looks overseas for rugged masculinity (see Jason Statham, Sam Worthington, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe).

It seems Marvel took notice: it is rumored that the studio talking with Holloway about starring in an upcoming film.  There’s no word on which character he might play, but it is exciting news nonetheless.  Marvel Studios is really the place to be if you’re looking to launch a film career (though the pay might not be great).  Hit the jump for speculation on roles that might fit the Holloway profile, including Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Dum Dum Dugan.

I know precious little about the greater Marvel universe (merde), so these suggestions come from the source of the rumor, Avengers News.  Here are some quick character bios courtesy of Wikipedia.


Henry Pym is a biochemist initially married to a Hungarian woman, Maria Trovaya, who is later killed by the Hungarian Secret Police. Shortly afterward, Pym discovers what he calls “Pym particles,” a rare group of subatomic particles from which he formulates a size-altering formula. Testing the solution on himself, Pym discovers that one type of particles shrinks objects while the other restores an object to its natural size. Pym shrinks himself to the size of an insect and has a dangerous encounter with ants from a nearby anthill. After restoring himself and undertaking an exhaustive study of ants, Pym constructs a cybernetic helmet that allows him to communicate with and control ants. Pym designs a costume and reinvents himself as the superhero Ant-Man.

I like the idea of Holloway-led Ant-Man film best, if only because Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World) has long been attached to the project.


Clint Barton was an orphan, and ran away from the orphanage as a pre-teen to join the circus as a carnival performer, where he was trained in the use of the bow and arrow by the Swordsman and Trickshot. When he discovered that his mentors were both criminals he rejected them, leading to a beating by Swordsman which left Barton badly injured and hospitalized. Years later, he saw Iron Man in action, and was inspired and decided to become a costumed hero called Hawkeye.

It was rumored awhile back that Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) was in talks for Hawkeye, and I can see Holloway and Renner being recruited for the same roles: in my ideal world, the comic company could find vehicles for both.

dum_dum_dugan_comic_imageDUM DUM DUGAN

Dugan was born in Boston, Massachusetts. During World War II, while working as a circus strongman, Dugan helps Nick Fury and Sam “Happy” Sawyer escape the Nazis during a mission recounted in issue 34. Dugan later joins the British Army, and when Sawyer is charged with creating Fury’s First Attack Squad, also known as the Howling Commandos, Sawyer invites Dugan to become second in command. His exceptional strength saves the day in several of his adventures in the Sgt. Fury comic books.

As far as Dugan goes, I think I’d like a mustachioed Holloway.

It is worth wondering if Holloway can translate his screen presence into lasting star power.  He did play the same character on a beloved television show for six years (121 episodes), after all.  Will you be able to see him as anyone but Sawyer?  If so, which Marvel character would you like to see him play?



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