Josh Jackson and Rachael Taylor Exclusive Video Interviews – SHUTTER

     March 8, 2008

Opening on March 21st is the new 20th Century Fox horror movie “Shutter.” In the film, a newly married couple – played by Josh Jackson and Rachael Taylor – discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved. As with all horror movies, the less you know the better.

Anyway, to help promote the movie I got to interview Josh and Rachael at the famous Pantages Theater in Hollywood yesterday. The reason they did the junket at the theater rather than a hotel is the Pantages is supposedly haunted. While I didn’t see any ghosts while walking around and waiting for my interviews to start, I’ll admit it was very cool to be able to hang out in the famous theater.

When I finally got to speak with the two stars, I decided to ask both of them if they were horror fans and what there favorite movies were in the genre. And since Josh Jackson is currently filming a new pilot called “Fringe” that’s written by J.J. Abrams, I made sure to ask about the show and how it’s going.

Finally, before watching the interviews, here are a few links you might care about. We posted clips from “Shutter” the other day and here’s the link if you missed them. Also, we posted a script review for “Fringe” that you might want to read after watching the Josh Jackson interview.

And on that note, enjoy the interviews.

Josh Jackson

  • I ask if he is a horror fan and what’s his favorite horror movies

  • He talks about filming in Japan and what the experience was like

  • He talks about Fringe – his new TV show that he just started filming

Rachael Taylor

  • I ask if she is into the horror genre

  • Does she have a favorite horror movie

  • She filmed Shutter in Japan, I ask what the experience was like

  • I ask about her character in Shutter

  • She talks about Bottle Shock – a film she did that was just in Sundance

  • I ask if she thinks she has any chance of being in Transformers 2

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