First ‘Joshy’ Trailer Finds Thomas Middleditch Getting Awkward with His Friends

     June 27, 2016


Thomas Middleditch’s neurotic, tech-savvy character Richard Hendricks just closed out another hilarious season of HBO’s Silicon Valley, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. In fact, thanks to the first trailer for writer-director Jeff Baena’s R-rated Sundance comedy Joshy, all of the awkwardness can continue with Middleditch as the title character, now hanging out with a new cast of characters.

Adam Pally, Alex Ross Perry, Nick Kroll, Brett Gelman, Aubrey Plaza and Jenny Slate also feature in the trailer, but other famous faces in the film not shown just yet include Lauren Graham, Alison Brie, and Jake Johnson. Look for Joshy in theaters on August 12th and streaming exclusively on Hulu following the film’s theatrical run.

Watch the first Joshy trailer below:

Here’s the very cagey official synopsis:

Joshy’s friends aren’t going to let his cancelled wedding get in the way of the bachelor party.

Steve Weintraub had a chance to catch up with Middleditch and Pally during the film’s Sundance premiere, in which they teased its plot without giving too much away. If you’d like more insight into the film, the duo also talks about the collaborative effort on set with so many talented and experienced filmmakers involved, plus the process of improvising dialogue during filming.

As for this first look at the film itself outside of Sundance, the trailer is a little off-balance. The reason behind Joshy’s cancelled wedding is left mysterious, but is also played rather serious by his gathered friends; that’s interesting enough to make me want to see more, especially if it helps to fill in the blanks of how and why Joshy reacts the way he does through the rest of the film.

On the other hand, the majority of this trailer focuses on the seemingly endless bachelor party-turned-excuse for debauchery. There are mentions of drugs, promiscuous women, and child endangerment, which is expected considering that this is an R-rated comedy, but it never quite reaches the fever pitch of a party film like The HangoverProject X or Search Party, which also stars Middleditch, Pally, and Brie. Certainly, the final film will sort all this out, but the marketing will have to do a little more to sell me.


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