Joss Whedon Warns of Zomney Apocalypse

     October 29, 2012


As Election Day fast approaches, we’re being inundated with political ads.  But who can you trust?  Who will give us the straight truth on where our country might be headed based on who is elected President?  Joss Whedon.  Whedon knows what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected to run this country, and if you want a full-on zombie apocalypse, Mitt is your guy.  But as Whedon reminds us, we have to be prepared for dissolved social programs, curtailed social freedoms like gay marriage and women’s right to choose, and poor people taking on even more of a financial burden while the avarice of a wealthy few goes unchecked.  This will inevitably lead to a zombie apocalypse, and while we don’t know if we’re getting fast or slow zombies, one thing is for certain: we’ll need to stock up on canned goods and learn parkour.

Hit the jump for Whedon’s very important message, and remember to vote on November 6th (preferably for the candidate who won’t bring on the zombie apocalypse).



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