JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – 7 Movie Clips and the Trailer

     June 24, 2008

Opening on July 11th is the next 3D adventure to hits movie theaters and it’s New Line Cinema’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

The film is based on the classic Jules Verne novel of the same name and it stars Brendan Fraser as a science professor whose untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. But on an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew stumble upon a major discovery that launches them on a thrilling journey deep beneath the Earth’s surface, where they travel through never-before-seen worlds and encounter a variety of unusual creatures.

So to help promote the film, I recently went to Iceland (yeah, I can’t believe it either) and I’ve posted my preview of the adventure here. And with the release date fast approaching, we’ve just been given 7 movie clips and they’re all below. Take a look!

Journey to the Center of the Earth Movie Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – I got dibs on the mountain guide

Movie Clip 2 – Do you come here often

Movie Clip 3 – The track ahead looks good

Movie Clip 4 – It’s thicker than I thought

more clips on page 2 ——–>


Movie Clip 5 – We’re on a fishing trip

Movie Clip 6 – Magnetic rocks

Movie Clip 7 – Haven’t you seen a dinosaur before

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