Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Drops Out of Directing THE CROW Reboot

     October 14, 2011


Maybe this whole thing just isn’t meant to be. Merely a couple months after losing its star Bradley Cooper, The Crow reboot is now without a director. Twitch reports that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) has now dropped out of the project, after originally taking over for director Stephen Norrington. This news doesn’t come as a huge shock, as just a couple weeks ago Fresnadillo was confirmed as the director of the Highlander reboot that Justin Lin vacated, with production on that film slated to begin next Spring.

Plot details on The Crow reboot are thin, but Fresnadillo was working from a script by Watchmen co-scribe Alex Tse. The goal was to reboot James O’Barr’s Eric Draven character for modern audiences for whom Brandon Lee’s 1994 turn is apparently insufficient. Twitch’s report states that the hunt is now on for a replacement director, with F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) being floated as a possibility. Personally, I think the filmmakers should take this as a sign that an unnecessary reboot of The Crow is, in fact, unnecessary. Hit the jump to watch the trailer for Alex Proyas’ 1994 iteration.

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