Judd Apatow Talks KNOCKED UP DVD

     May 19, 2007

Yesterday I attended the press day for “Knocked Up” and in the coming days I’ll be posting a bunch of interviews with Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and a few other people in the movie. But until I get it up on the site I wanted to give you a taste of the Judd Apatow interview by posting what he said about the DVD coming later this year.

Just hearing what he planned tells you so much about Judd as a filmmaker and why he’s currently the king of comedy in Hollywood. And while it was a press conference, since I asked the question I labeled it as me.

Frosty: Can you talk about the upcoming DVD and if you’ve thought about what you might be directing next?

Judd Apatow: The DVD there’s going to be a one and a two-disc version released at the same time sometime in the winter and we just have so many extras that it’s ridiculous. It’s taken so much time to watch them. They’ve literally handed me DVD’s with 6 hours of footage that I have to go through. One thing we did that I think is really funny is we shot a fake documentary during the making of the movie and the documentary is about how Seth Rogan was the tenth choice to play the lead. So during our shoot we would have actors come and perform a scene and then I would fire them. And so we had James Franco do it, Justin Long, David Krumholtz, Allen Covert. I did it. There was a moment where I think I should be the lead as an actor/director. Orlando Bloom did it. It’s really funny. It’s this whole documentary about hard it was to find Seth. And then we also did a very funny fake documentary about how I was having fights with the studio so they sent in Bennett Miller, the director of “Capote,” to oversee the shoot. And so Bennett came to the set and we would shoot all this footage of him changing my angles and my coverage and debating me and it’s very funny. I keep talking about how I don’t like moving the camera because it’s bad for the comedy and he says, “Do you think it’s funnier ‘cause it looks like shit?” [Laughs] And it ultimately comes to blows between me and Bennett Miller. So we really went out of our way to make a DVD that takes a lot of comedic chances. There’s a very funny documentary about the roller coaster sequence because Jay Baruchel didn’t want to do it because he says he gets panic attacks on roller coasters. The documentary is about me manipulating him into doing it and you see me basically lying to him saying, “It’s not that bad” and then him having a panic attack on the roller coaster. And then he won’t do it again and we have to keep doing it all day and then you see – because most people want to see this – most of our actors vomiting over and over. It’s just a funny little 5-minute documentary. In addition to deleted scenes, there’s a ton of deleted scenes and raw footage, I like to put just the raw takes on the DVD because I think its fun to see our process.

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