Judd Hirsch Joins the Fourth Season of DAMAGES

     March 22, 2011


You may remember last summer we heard that Damages, a show that was on the verge of death was saved by the great folks at DirecTV. Now that fourth season is almost ready to be underway and today we have word on a new cast member. EW reports veteran actor Judd Hirsch (from the classic Taxi series and films like Independence Day) has landed a key role as a former mentor of Glenn Close’s character. He’s a man took her under his wing during her first job out of law school, but his situation has changed greatly over time and he now spends his time “at the bottom of a bottle.”

The fourth season begins this summer on DirecTV with the story revolving around a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a military contractor over an incident that happened in a war zone. With less censor restrictions and no commercials, expect the envelope to be pushed.