Watch the Entire JUDGE DREDD: SUPERFIEND Miniseries Online Now

     October 27, 2014


We’ve been teasing the animated Judge Dredd miniseries Judge Dredd: Superfiend for a few weeks now, and it’s finally online for all to see.  Written and directed by The Junquera Brothers, the miniseries contains elements of the Dark Judges story arc, and it’s done in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons.  It was also produced by Adi Shankar, who produced the 2012 film Dredd starring Karl Urban, so there’s a bit of connective tissue to that take as well.  The miniseries is an unofficial production in the vein of Shankar’s other independent ventures, the Punisher short Dirty Laundry and the Venom short Truth in Journalism.

Hit the jump to watch all six episodes of Judge Dredd: Superfiend.

You can watch all six episodes of the Judge Dredd miniseries below, preceded by an introduction from Shankar.


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