‘Judy’: Renée Zellweger on Judy Garland’s Extraordinary Ability to Overcome Hollywood’s Manipulation

     September 26, 2019

The pressure of playing a Hollywood icon must have been sky high for Renée Zellweger and boy does she rise to the challenge, but making movies is also a team effort and it sounds like she had a phenomenal group of people to work with on Judy who always had her back. The movie largely focuses on Judy Garland (Zellweger) in her 40s. Despite having had such great success in Hollywood at a young age, now Garland struggles to support her children. When the opportunity for a residency in London pops up, she’s got to take it despite the heartbreak of leaving her children behind.

With Judy hitting select theaters on September 27th, I recently got the chance to chat with Zellweger about her experience making the film. We spoke a bit about the individuals she turned to for support when she needed it most, a quality of Garland’s she admires most, how Garland managed to overcome Hollywood manipulation, and more. You can catch the full conversation in the video at the top of this article and, in case you missed it, click here for my review of Judy.


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You can find an interview breakdown and the official synopsis of Judy below:

Renée Zellweger:

  • One of the biggest unexpected challenges she faced on set.
  • Zellweger discusses how Garland’s circumstances in the movie were due to choices made for her, not by her.
  • Zellweger talks about her appreciation for fan encounters.
  • Shout outs for the “unsung heroes” of Judy.
  • Working with Jessie Buckley.
  • One quality of Judy Garland that Zellweger would love to take with her.

Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland arrives in Swinging London to perform a five-week sold-out run at The Talk of the Town. It is 30 years since she shot to global stardom in The Wizard of Oz, but if her voice has weakened, its dramatic intensity has only grown. As she prepares for the show, battles with management, charms musicians and reminisces with friends and adoring fans, her wit and warmth shine through. Even her dreams of love seem undimmed as she embarks on a whirlwind romance with Mickey Deans, her soon-to-be fifth husband. Featuring some of her best-known songs, the film celebrates the voice, the capacity for love, and the sheer pizzazz of “the world’s greatest entertainer.”



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